You are personally responsible for arranging your accommodation.

Taking in account the location of the Sessions Place we have selected the following accommodation services that are nearby the Centro Cívico, where you can find good quality services at different levels and different prices of course. This is just a suggestion by the organizers and we encourage you to make your reservation with enough - time in advance, at least one and a half month if possible.

Prices are indicatives in $ (Argentinean Pesos), except when indicated in U$D

    Single Double Observations
Tres Reyes
email $280.-
$314.- *
$341.- *
* Rooms with view of the lake. Very comfortable hotel close to conference venue.
Hotel Tirol email $190.- $208.- Quite and comfortable small hotel 2 blocks from conference venue.
La Sureña
email $110.- $145.- Nice small Hotel 3 blocks to the Conference Venue.
Las Moiras
email $35.-
(bed in
4-6 places
shared room)
$110.- (there are
also 4x
Friendly Youth Hostel 50m close to the conference venue. Wi-Fi & 5 Internet PC.
Blue Tree
Hotels Bariloche
email From
U$D 180.-
  Very modern and comfortable 4* Hotel.

Indicative Exchange Money Rate, April 08: 1 USD = $ 3.20 , 1 Euro = $ 5.00

Several other 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5* hostels are available and you can find them in the Internet (follow links at Location section in this web page).

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