The oral presentations and poster exhibitions, coffee breaks, and of course mate* will be held at the Auditorium of Biblioteca Sarmiento, which is a traditional public and popular library with an Auditorium placed at the Bariloche's Centro Cívico.

Centro Civico - Bariloche

Considering Scientists as workers of the observation and artists in the creation of knowledge, we will work in a Theatre.


The Centro Civico was inaugurated on March 17, 1940, this was the Argentina's first civic centre. Designed by architect E. de Estrada, and built under the supervision of National Parks director Exequiel Bustillo, it was built with "ciprés"  (Austrocedrus chilensis) and "alerce"  (Fitzroya cupressoides) woods, and stones. The square is surrounded by buildings hosting the ex-post office and ex-customs offices (now an exhibition salon), the Offices of the local National Park authorities, the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism, the Town Hall, the Patagonia Museum Francisco P. Moreno, the Sarmiento Library (Biblioteca Sarmiento), and the Police Station. Most buildings show steep-pitched roofs and gracefully arched recovas that offer shelter from inclement weather in winter.

There is a large clock in the Town Hall tower that will ring bells each half an hour indicating if the meeting presentations are on time or not. Particularly, when it strikes 12 noon and 6 p.m., 4 figures that pretend to represent the area appear: a native man, a missionary, a Spanish conqueror and a labourer.

*Mate (pronounced IPA: [mate]) is an infusion, containing stimulants such as caffeine, prepared by steeping dried leaves of Yerba Mate (Spanish) (Ilex Paraguariensis) in hot water. Mate is the national drink in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.


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